Monday, January 19, 2015

Rory and a kitchen improvement

So far I've been keeping myself entertained while waiting for call backs from jobs by sewing and crocheting. Rory is also a ton of fun and way more active than I thought he would be. He does have one weakness though. Rory loves to watch TV, he yells at me when I turn it off.
He's very well behaved when there is something flashing on the screen. It makes me feel like a parent almost. Pop it on and get on to other things.
Castle is fascinating.

Feeding him is so much easier than I thought it would be. He gets all the hay he wants, a big bowl of fresh greens and vegis in the morning, and a nice scoop of pellets in the evening. So far he likes everything we've given him, but he really loves carrots. I also scared myself when I gave him a strawberry. It looked like someone had slit his throat. I admit I freaked a bit, but he loved eating it.

This is his first time with cucumber. I only give him one new thing at a time so I can see what he likes.

Rory likes it!
He loves it! He also loves playing with his frozen blueberries. He rolls them around the cage before he eats them. He's to funny and I don't have the heart to tell him not to play with his food.

Now on to the kitchen improvement. My dear husband got these really great wire panels and installed them in the kitchen. They came with these cool baskets and shelves. I love the blue color of them and they make the kitchen so organized. It will take a bit of adjustment to decide what goes where, but after just one night it already fits in our house wonderfully.
They go to the ceiling!
It's great to not have to dig around to find things anymore. Now I want to get more baskets for them. These will definitely make life smoother! And they are pretty too!

Best cereal ever!

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