Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I passed my first test!

Today was my first test and I got 100%!!!!
I was so nervous and thank goodness we weren't graded on spelling! Most of the questions were multiple choice so that was good. I need to drill myself in the spelling of these words when I have time so I don't look like an idiot when I graduate.
Today we learned proper hand washing technique: there are a lot more steps than you'd think to the process! It's like 13 steps packed into 20-30 seconds. I'll definitely be practicing  to get it perfect. We got to use our stethoscopes today and I was so excited I tore my box getting it out. After homework I'm going to try out the other ear pieces it came with, the ones on it hurt. We also got to take each others temps with different kinds of thermometers and learned about how to place and use a blood pressure cuff (AKA: sphygmomanometer). Tomorrow we will learn to take blood pressures!
I was a bit annoyed at one of my classmates today. While the teacher was explaining the parts and how to use the cuff she piped up about it not being necessary because she already knew how to use it. My teacher came back very well by informing her that not everyone in the class had her knowledge and she taught as though we didn't know anything to make certain we had the right knowledge for reality. I almost fell out of my chair holding my laughter in at the look on that young girls face. It wa like no one had ever told her off so politely before. Kudos to my Teacher!
I look good in my scrubs!
After school I went to the police department and got the finger print card done that I need for State Board. It has to be in by next Thursday. It's really homey in there and the people were so friendly I was tempted to become a criminal so I didn't have to go home and do home work. They didn't even blink when I paid almost half the fee with change. 
Sadly, I chose to go home and now I get to read 3 chapters and take the review tests for each. If I have time after that I'm going to do some spelling/definition drills to work on my vocabulary.
Wish me luck!


  1. How wonderful!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. Nice job - 100%! With your enthusiasm, that's bound to continue. Sounds like you've got a good teacher too, for dealing with annoying students!
    I've had my fingerprints done various time for work at different schools. Never made me want to be a criminal. Your station sounds nicer.

    1. Maybe I was tired, but the chairs were nice and squishy and the people there were really friendly. It's a new station so who knows in a few years what it will be like.