Monday, March 30, 2015

My first day of clinicals!

Today was the first day of clinicals. I arrived early, just like the 5 others who made it through the skill test last Thursday. I'm still a bit shocked I passed it, but I'm so proud I did. There were 4 who didn't.
The lobby looked great, it had been newly remodeled and still had that new smell. It seemed spacious and modern. The people at  desk were friendly and I was super excited. I waited impatiently with the others to find out who my CNA trainer for the day would be. When I found out I would be on the rehab unit I was super happy. I haven't decided what kind of aide I want to be yet, but rehab sounds like fun. Then I met my trainer.
My first sighting of her had my heart sinking. She was ignoring the resident she was "feeding" and chatting with those around her. I introduced myself and sat down. The resident was nice and friendly though. The day devolved from there.
I watched her ignore multiple residents pleas for help. One wanted out of bed, she told them she had to do a shower first, then promptly went on break.  I got to wait in the break room for her.  Another had gotten his oxygen tubing tangled around his neck and the wheel of his chair, I fixed that one so the poor person didn't choke himself. It just kept going like that until she went to lunch. I was not amused.
After she was 10 minutes late coming back I looked in the break room for her. She was asleep. I closed the door quietly then knocked before I went in to wake her up. That was a mistake! Next thing I know she's dressing me down for looking for her and how I'm a big girl. It's her break and blah blah blah. I stopped listening before we got back to the unit. I did make the rude response of responding to someone else while she was berating me which pissed her off even more. I apologized.
We were warned when we got there to not make waves because finding clinical facilities is hard, so I had to be nice.
For the rest of the time I was there, about 1 1/2 hr. She ignored me and was only found at the opposite end of the hall from me. I got ditched by my trainer and that was fine with me. I answered call lights and passed out lunch trays. It was good way to end my first day of clinicals. I just hope she's not normally like that and I had her on a really bad day after the worst party night of her life.
I'm sure tomorrow will be better, I get to shadow someone else.
Wish me luck!

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