Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today was the first day of School!

Today was my first day of CNA school! I was so excited to get in there I forgot to take my jacket and I arrived 1 hour early. Thankfully they opened up shortly after I arrived and I could go inside. This is such a great adventure! Plus, I have homework for the first time in forever!
My teacher is a nurse I knew from when I worked at the hospital. It was great seeing her again and she looks just the same. 
I got my scrub uniforms, my books, my gait belt, and my stethoscope today! I'm really looking forward to using them! If the homework I have is any indication I'm really going to be learning a lot in the next 2 months!
The others in my class seem really nice and friendly, I may even make a friend or 2 while I'm there. Tonight I get to study the different types of care facilities and the body systems. There will be a quiz every day so wish me luck! Today was great and tomorrow will be even better!

My School!