Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's all over but the searching

The meeting with my landlord went better than expected. All I have to do is find someone else to rent my studio and I'll be free. He's even helping by offering the other stylists in the building 2 weeks free to anyone who finds someone to take place. Also I can pay off any rent I accrue by cleaning the building in my off hours. He's being way more kind than I thought he would. I feel really lucky.
So far every client I've told is willing to follow me anywhere I go so I'm really grateful there too. Now I just have to find someone. I hope to do that by the 29th so I can move out on the 30th.

My Etsy shop now has 25 items in it and I'm sure I'll get a sale soon. I'm really enjoying the jewelry making and can't wait to get more things up. I'm pacing myself so I don't owe them a lot before I even sell any thing.

On my walk this morning 2 hawks were screaming after a dove and they were loud! It happened so fast I didn't get a pic but the dove flew past me and the hawks just gave up. They all moved so fast it was over before I could react. It was really neat to see wild hawks that close, but I'm glad the dove got away. I did get a good pic of a spider though. They don't move as fast.


  1. And spiders are not as big as hawks either. Thankfully.
    Great spider photo and I am glad that your landlord is being so understanding.

  2. He is a decent guy. I really like him. Found out the hawks are Harris Hawks and they hunt in packs. Really beautiful but a bit scary too.