Friday, April 19, 2013

A Good Morning

Once again I got up before the sun, I seem to do that when Husband is out of town. I decided to soak Jane before I left. I wanted to ride my bike so I had to be patient. She was a bit cranky at being woken up so early, but a plate of pumpkin and vegis cheered her up.

Jane getting her daily bath. She's a sulcatta tortoise.

Breakfast is served.

I still can't find my lights, I'm afraid they may be in my junk drawer of doom.
We all have one and mine is actually a desk with 3 drawers of random things I have no idea what to do with. That's the next couple of Thursdays project.
I just went for three miles in my neighborhood because I'm trying to figure out where to put padding on my fenders so they don't rattle as much. I went over every bump and pothole I could find and I think I have it figured out.
It was a great ride though and I'm really starting to crave going out on Lucy. It's my time to go where ever I can and its like I'm flying free.
I'm getting to go places I can't reach on foot and I'm seeing thing in a whole new way.
Today I smelled people's breakfasts cooking and the flowers that were blooming. Someone was making cinnamon rolls and I was tempted to meet my neighbor. I was good though and just rode by twice sniffing the air like crazy. It was a great ride

I wonder what these are.


  1. I love Jane! She is such a beautiful tortoise.

  2. Jane is gorgeous!

    The weather finally was nice enough for me to ride my bicycle today - after a week or so. Your morning ride sounds great!

  3. That sounds like a magical morning. And pumpkin and vegies would cheer me up too.

  4. Strawberries growing in the field is the scent I remember from this morning's ride.

  5. Jane looks really sweet. How big is she? She looks tiny!

    I wonder if anyone was watching you aim for the bumps and holes on your bike? Must have thought you were nuts! :-) I understand, of course!

  6. She's about 2 3/4" across the bottom of her shell and weighs about 3 oz, she'll get much bigger though.
    She is a real sweetie and loves her head and neck rubbed and she looks forward to her daily bath as long as I'm not to early. I can't wait until she's bigger!