Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yesterday Was Disapointing

We had to meet with our insurance agent yesterday morning. Nothing is wrong, he just wanted to discuss our policies and make sure we had all the coverage we needed. It was a waste of time.
It started off badly with the agent being 20 minutes late because he had to pick up his car. He came in right before we were about to leave and apologized.
Then he proceeded to try and get us to buy more insurance for our renters policy. We're happy with what we have and he kept trying to make us get more.
Husband was interested in insuring his photo stuff, but not sure about the price. I asked about insuring my bike and the agent dissuaded me by saying it was very expensive. He really didn't want to insure her and the cost came up several times. It's $7 for every $100 insured per year. I don't think that's a lot considering we pay about $100 a month for the cars so we're thinking about it. It was just odd how he tried to steer us away from the only add ons we were interested in.
After that we went to look at a bike I've heard a lot about. The surly LHT. I was excited because I've heard a lot of good things about them on other blogs and by the time I've saved up for one I might be ready to do a tour. Also this bike is supposedly made in a size that will fit me properly.
They had the 46cm in stock and it looked very small to me. However when I straddled it to check if it would fit it was to tall. The top bar was pressing against my soft bits and it was definitely too tall for me.
From on the seat it felt cramped with my hands on the handlebars. It just didn't have enough room for my torso.
Funny thing is that it's technically shorter than Lucy, and it looks smaller too.
I must have very short legs.
The nice man said that the smaller size wouldn't work either because it would have even less room for my torso. That was disappointing.
He said I should keep an eye out for older more relaxed bikes, after seeing a picture of Lucy. He was nice about it though.
They just don't make them to fit me anymore. It was frustrating, but oh well. I'm just really fortunate to have her. I really liked all the braze ons the LHT had and wonder if I could add some to Lucy without damaging her. First we need fenders though.


  1. I suspect (and might be being cynical) that the insurance salesman got commission for particular products - the ones he was pushing. Hiss and spit.
    Sad about the new bike - but at least you have Lucy.

  2. I have a long bitter history with insurance men and companies.

  3. I'm glad I have Lucy. It's good that I don't need a new bike because I'd be in trouble.