Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lucy Has Fenders!

For some reason I've always wanted a bike with fenders. I just love the way they look, but in Tucson they aren't really a priority. They were actually the last thing on my list of changes I was going to make.
All that changed today at the GABA Bike Swap Meet. That place was packed, but I found these great Wald fenders for less than I've ever seen them.
It was too good to pass up, especially when the seller threw in a silver Specialized bottle cage to go with them.
Lucy is a Specialized Hard Rock so it was fate!
Husband did most of the install for me. They needed small wedges cut out for the fork and seat stays and a little bending in for the brake cables, but that was all the modifying they needed. It took about an hour to install and they look perfect! Now she is ready for just about anything!

Don't they look nice! 
I think they make her look both larger and friendlier. They don't add much weight even though they are steel, which is nice.

I like how the chrome brings out her flowers and helps them shine.

They really break up all the black in the back. 
I've already tried them and they don't affect handling at all. The rear one rattles on hard bumps so I'll try to tighten them down more tomorrow. 
My only complaint is that they have to mount to the wheel skewers. It's going to make it a bit harder to change a tire, but that's OK. We may get different brackets for them later, or shorten these ones.
Now if it would only rain! I can't wait for the monsoons this year!


  1. Fenders are so great when it rains -- no dirty mud stripe up your back!

  2. I agree that the add a bit of shine to Lucy. Bravo!