Monday, April 22, 2013

We Went To The Races

Spent Saturday evening at Tucson International Raceway. It was loud and fun. My Brother gave us extra tickets he had and we met him there. The noise was incredible and the dirt track made for a ton of dust in the air, but nobody cared. The roar of the engines and the speed they go at really gets your heart pumping.
It had been years since Husband and I had gone to see races and I'm glad we did. Nothing like spending time with the family.

Inside it's an add fest with all the sponsors names on the back of the stands. 
They had giveaways going for free tickets to the next races and a bmx bike.The grill smelled great and next time we'll have to bring money for food.

Even my stick had fun! It kept falling over from the vibrations and my nephew kept getting it for me.

He's excited!

These are going faster than they look. It sounded like rush hour on steroids. I think they do something to the muffler so it doesn't muffle.

Em's favorite car. It was driven by a teenage girl. I was impressed that she didn't crash.
Every time the pink car would come out my niece Em would scream go, go, go and bounce around. I had to get in on the fun so I shouted with her and we both bounced around. The adults with us just ignored us. 
Before I knew it Em and I were picking cars and screaming for all the heats. We were a sight and strangers laughed at our unbridled shrieking. Sometimes we were louder than the cars.

My favorite was the green and black car.

It's like crazy rush hour with sliding involved!

Go cars, Go!

I liked it when they slid and so did my nephews.
The cars threw up so much dirt and mud we soon found out why no one sits in the closer seats. It was a very dirty affair.

I liked the midget cars. A lot of them look like antiques, but their new. A lot of them broke down really fast and in the end only 4 were left to race.

Here they are starting out.
It was a tone of fun and we stayed until the intermission. No one had gotten hurt by the time we left and that's a good thing. The kids were tired and it was past bed time. There's nothing like screaming till you drop.


  1. Not for me - but I am glad that you had fun. And would love to be able to sleep like that!

  2. Not really my thing either, but screaming and carrying on with Em was the best!