Sunday, April 14, 2013

GABA Bike Swap Meet

Today Husband and I went to the GABA Bike Swap Meet and it was fun! There were a ton of people there so it was hard for me to take pics, but Husband got some nice ones and you can see more on his blog.

The whole place was crowded like this!
I don't usually like crowds, but the people here were very friendly. This Raleigh was in really good condition and of course way to big for me. Also too pricey. It's still beautiful though. It's my favorite bike I saw there.

I wonder what the silver thing is? I think it's the pump.

These are the coolest looking accessories I've seen yet. The flowers have an led light in the center to help you be seen. They're from . They are handmade in Scottsdale, Az and this is one on the creator's personal bike. It looks great and made me smile. So fun and cheerful! They are tempting and very reasonably priced. 

I love how friendly the flowers and the creator are!

This tiki head comes from an old miniature golf place that closed down. It now stand guard at a nightclub. It's a childhood memory re-purposed. It was good to see it again as we were leaving.

I love this tiki head!
I stayed strong in the face of much temptation today and came out the winner! I got a present for Lucy! I found Wald 962 fenders in shiny chrome for cheap. I've looked all over town for them, but no one carries them here, and I was leery of online ordering due to high shipping for over sized packages. 
A nice man from out of Phoenix had them and he threw in a silver bottle cage to seal the deal. Sadly, he didn't have a card so I can't shop with him again.
I almost talked myself out of getting them because they look huge in person and I was worried they wouldn't fit. Husband convinced me and I'm so happy I got them. They'll be more for dust protection than rain, but I don't have to worry about them getting sun rot like the plastic ones. 
Yay! We have fenders!

New Fenders!!!!!!


  1. Yay. I did like the lights though...

  2. So nice to meet you Betty, thanks for your comments about my pedal brites! Gaba put on an awesome event, the fenders look great.