Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lucy's New Swag

The other day on my ride I came across another cyclist who was walking his bike. He was all tricked out in full Lycra and clicky shoes but couldn't ride because he had a flat tire and no way to fix it.
I felt bad for him, but I didn't have any way to fix his tire. Fortunately he had a ride coming to get him at the park so he didn't have far to walk.
That got me thinking I needed a patch kit of my own. When I go for my rides there's no one who can save me if I get into trouble and I do sometimes get into trouble. As I venture further out I really don't want to walk back. I'm up to over 3 miles now and still going strong.
The tires I have on Lucy are reinforced knobbies with a goo strip and extra thick tubes so it's unlikely I'll get a flat unless I roll over something extreme like a huge nail, but it could happen. I was also worried about possible mechanical failure. It sucks when it happens.
Husband reminded me that I already had a small box patch kit, but it wasn't comfortable in my pocket and I always left my mini-pump at home. I also had a mini-tool so all I needed was a bag.
We found the perfect saddle bag and we also got new patches. Mine were very old. Did you know they shouldn't crack when you bend them? I now carry a bike and people patch kit.

Perfect sized bag, patch kit, duck tape on a pencil, mini-tool, mini-pump with Co2 cartridges. Band aids, neosporin, and alcohol wipes in a plastic baggie.

It fits nice and tightly between her rear rack and fenders. It also took care of the rattle I was hearing from there. Bonus!

It's almost invisible so I won't have to worry about leaving it on when I go places.

Lucy also has a new cable on her seat. I was reading up on how to securely lock her because I'm super excited to go to the store in about 2 weeks and use her for shopping. I will definitely be going on Saturday the 4th and I want her secure. I found this great web page and the videos were very informative. Plus Hal made me laugh. I had already been doing everything except the seat lock. I don't have quick release, but that's not enough. Now she has a beautiful homemade seat cable. As an added bonus if my chain breaks I can take pieces off it and fix it with the mini-tool.

I love the tie-dyed duck tape. The hardest part was finding a pattern I liked. 
Add a bottle of water and we're ready for anything now!

Ginger cat approves.


  1. Always good to be prepared! Love that last photo. Alien cat!

  2. Wow, seems like you're ready for just about anything! I usually just carry my bike lock, wallet and phone. This is good advice!

  3. Ginger cat thinks you are going to buy cat food when you go on your first bicycle shopping expedition.
    Love your careful preparation - hopefully you will never need it. And now that you are prepared you are much less likely to. Not certain why that is, but believe it to be true.

  4. I totally agree that the more prepared you are the less likely it is that things will go wrong.
    I might have to pick them up some cat food so they don't torture me later.