Monday, April 8, 2013

To The Bike Path

I tried out the bike path today and it was interesting. The path runs along the highway and only 10-15 feet of curb/shoulder and a chain link fence separate you from them. After you pass the park, on the other side of you is a giant wall that bounces the car noise back at you. The effect sounds like your right in the middle of the traffic. Slightly unnerving and not pleasant.
I'll definitely go on the bike path again so I can go fast, plus it was a great place to practice mounting and dismounting without having to worry about falling in the road. The route home really worked my legs so that's a good thing. My knee has barely been bothering me at all since I started riding, especially since I raised my seat to the proper height. I don't know if I posted this link before, but here's where I found the right height for me:

  All in all it was a great ride and I feel good.

The path itself is paved nicely and has markings down it so you know which side to be on. From my entrance point I went right. Having the fence on one side and the wall on the other took some getting used to but it was down hill and I picked up speed fast. That was fun and it felt safe because there was no cars that I could hit.  

I was tempted to go off the path when I came to an outlet and go exploring, but I didn't want to get lost so I stayed on it. Plus I wanted to see how far I could go. One day I'll tackle the whole thing.

I managed to get up to 20 mph on the way down under the under pass. My bell rang itself at every bump we hit and I just hung on and turned. It was great fun and after the underpass the path veered away from the highway and it got quieter. 

The next opening I came to was an exit to a more industrial area and there were a lot of warehouses. I was starting to get bored with the scenery of the path itself and decided to head home. 

When I turned around This building impressed me with it's odd looks.It looks like its built completely of scrap steel, but it's so big. I kind of like it and it gives me an idea for an outside office I could build myself.

It was much harder getting home because it turns out it was a slight downhill all the way I had come. Plus there was a nice wind blowing in my face all the way back. Found out when I got home that the wind was going 20-30 mph with gusts of 40 mph. I actually did better than I thought. In the end I went further than 3 miles for my longest trip yet. 
 I only saw a few cyclists out today, but one had the same Wald baskets I do and they were packed with stuff. I can't wait to take mine shopping and see how much they hold. All of them were friendly and said hi or waved when I said hi.


  1. I do love that you are finding a community of other bikers. And congratulations on your longest ride.

  2. Ah, the old slight incline that makes you pedal all the way - there is a road like that near me. Drivers think it is totally flat...

  3. I'm glad to see other cyclists out too. The path will be a great jump off point to new places to explore as I get stronger. Husband says it goes all the way downtown now, that will be fun.