Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's a Rainy Off Day

Today is cold and rainy so in a brief spot of clear I snapped a couple of pics in my yard. Once I get fenders I'll have fun in the rain, but I don't like the wet road grime that will spray up. I'm just not sure which ones I want. I do know that I want metal ones, the sun here will destroy plastic ones fairly quickly.

love rose that I got for our first anniversary. It's now 6' tall.

Aloe Vera is blooming.

Doves are courting.

Stormy is taking a nap.


  1. Lovely post. I live near Baffin Bay in Texas and the salt air rusted my bicycle fenders in no time flat! Then the summer heat will dry rot anything plastic or rubber, so I tried to armor all the seat, but in a few years it still cracked. :) Time for a new seat at least.
    Pretty rose you have. I will have to see if I can grow them here. My aloe just quit blooming and the hummingbirds and kiskadees loved it.

  2. What a beautiful cat! I liked your post..simple and to the point with lovely photos.

  3. Stormy is a beautiful cat - as is your garden. Thank you.