Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jury Duty Today

I was called for jury duty today. I had to get a ride because I'm not yet strong enough on the bike to make it downtown and there's no way I'm even attempting to park with all the construction going on. As it was my ride had to let me off two blocks away because that was the closet she could get me. I didn't mind the walk and had my stick with me, it's a beautiful day.
I saw this nice covered bench on the way. It's all metal and looks nice, but not very comfortable. I wouldn't want to sit there in the summer.

Nice Looking Bench 

All metal!
The guards asked if the top came off my stick, there's a steel rod in the top and one tried it. The top doesn't come off , but it was funny to see him try. I was a little worried, but they waved me thru after a minute. They were also puzzled by the food I had in my bag. I didn't want to buy lunch so I packed in my laptop bag instead of my laptop. I offered to share and they declined.
I ended up getting a sandwich. I couldn't stand being in that room any longer.

Saw tis nice gate on my way to lunch.

Then I sat in a boring room for what seemed like forever. They did play a movie for us. The Sandlot was a decent way to pass the time and I was grateful for the distraction. I was disappointed that I wasn't even called. Maybe next time.

Interesting fountain


  1. I have never even been called for jury duty. And am not certain whether I am happy about that or not. It might be interesting - but could also be very depressing.
    Do you think they were looking to see if you had a swordstick in your cane? It was all I could think of.

  2. Well, you almost made it. At least you were called in. Maybe next time. I would love to do jury duty just once!

  3. Well, at least you got a free movie out of the deal!

  4. This was my second time called. The first time I got picked and it was a drunk driving case. We found her guilty because she said she did it. That time was fascinating. The movie wasn't bad and I guess it could be seen as a day off.