Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Went For a Walk

Today I got up before the sun and because I still haven't found my bike lights I went for a walk. It was a bit chilly, but it felt good to stretch my legs. My knee hardly bothers me at all since I started riding and I was able to walk further than before.
I saw a lot of beautiful "weeds" growing that I had missed while riding and my stick was happy to get out of the house. I'll have to walk more to see what I've been missing. It was peaceful and very few people were out yet so I had the streets to myself.
I wonder how many people looked out there front windows and wondered about the woman taking pictures of the sidewalk. I probably stopped every ten or so steps. Here's my favorites from today's ramble.

The sun overslept.

Pretty yellow flowers right by the sidewalk.

The puff balls are very soft and it smells kind of like rain.

Taking a break at the bench. I'm glad the city put it in, it's a great place to pause.

I was tempted to dig this poppy up and take it home, but left it where I found it.

Someones daisies have escaped the yard!


  1. What a wonderful walk. And I pleased that your knee is better too.

  2. Lovely images. Those early morning walks are always nice. It's very peaceful at that time, and you notice the world around you.

  3. Wonderful!

    I love the way small plants pop up in the most unexpected places. I also love a lot of the plants that are regarded as weeds by gardeners!