Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It Barely Hurts Anymore!

I went over 2 miles again today and my butt barely hurts! It's a miracle! Next week I'll try for 3 and see how it goes.
Today there were some neighbors out and I stopped to talk to then. They were building a fence in the front yard because their dog keeps trying to escape. They used to ride bikes together but the wife got a new job a while ago and now they don't even ride separately. She really liked the flowers I've painted on Lucy and my rear baskets. I let her open them and she thought they were cool. It was nice to meet them and hopefully they start riding again soon.
I like the fact that I'm not just seeing new things I'm also meeting new people and my neighborhood in just the few short weeks I've been riding around it is starting to feel more like a community.
When I rode before it was just to work and home. It was strictly for the transportation aspect and I usually left super early and never saw anyone. I never rode to explore and google maps was my guide.
Now all I can do is explore. I work from home and any riding I do is for pleasure. I'm lucky I'm rediscovering the pleasure.

This lizard startled me when I saw it. I had stopped for a drink and there it was right next to me.

I like the filigree of this gate. and the little coyote at the bottom.

A tiny flower growing right by the curb out of the street. I'm glad I missed it when I pulled over.


  1. I do love that you are discovering a community. Perhaps you will find people to ride with as well. And two miles is a wonderful start. Congratulations.

  2. I love cycling and also love the little things that you see as you go - things that a car driver would certainly miss!

  3. Hello Betty! I hopped over here from Rock Chef's and have enjoyed reading your bicycle adventures and others. I'm glad I'm not the only one who names her bicycles!

  4. Thanks!It's been fun but I'm wanting to stretch my zone a little further. It Would be nice if someone wanted to ride with me!
    Nice to meet you Abby!