Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nothing Went Wrong!

After my other locking skewers failed Husband got me these. I was a little leery of trying them because of the other ones. These are much more solid though and today I gave them a shot. No failures and they seem to work great. A few more rides and I'll know for sure.
He also got my mirror to go on the handlebars. I wear glasses so when I look behind me all is fuzzy. When I did it all I saw was my backside. He turned it upside down and it works great. I was going to take it apart, but I'm glad he figured it out first. It's good to see behind me again.
Today's ride went smoothly and nothing went wrong! Yay! Tomorrow I'm going to try the bike path again. It felt good to be able to go without having to stop for something or another. I was hyper vigilant  to how Lucy was reacting and felt. I also stopped frequently because that's when the other skewers failed. Everything seems to be in working order though!

They work so far!
I did stretch out a bit more today and saw some interesting things. I like odd shapes that plants can grow into.

This cactus reminds me of a dancing lady.
And the way people decorate even the most basic things around here.

This gate made me smile.
This is a good way to close up a hole in your wall. It looks like an accident was the incentive to pretty up with tile. It's and outer wall and not in their house. 

A nice way to fill a hole in your wall.

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  1. That is a lovely way to fill/fix a whole. I am so enjoying the quirky things in your neighbourhood - thank you.