Thursday, April 11, 2013

Locking Skewers, A Review

After my experience with the Forte locking skewers I was leery of even trying these. They looked sturdy and solid, but so did the other ones. I really wanted locking skewers instead of quick releases because I often see bikes missing a tire. That would suck to come out to. I tested the entire thing with a magnet and believe it's steel like it says.
 Finally I installed them.

Install was very easy, just loosened my old skewers until the end came off and gently slid it out. The wheel stayed in place. I put a bit of grease on the new skewer then threaded it through. Tightening it all the way was a bit tricky because I didn't have a good grip on the end, but a wrench fixed that. 
After they were install I bounced Lucy on the floor vigorously to make sure they weren't going to move. They didn't budge at all, although I did end up having to tighten down my rack again. I need to get some lock tight for those bolts.  

They use a 5mm hex key and a small wrench to undo. It's simple if you have them with you. I bought a set of hex key's from the local Harbor Freight and took that one off. It fits in my pocket along with the small wrench.

If you have strong fingers you could probably use just the hex key.

The only thing I don't like is this little bit that sticks out, I think it looks unfinished and may cover it with rubber.

I have messed with them extensively, locking and unlocking them. Taking them on the bike path a few times (sorry I haven't posted about it, I haven't gone any further on it yet and it looks the same.). Riding over bumps and holes to see if they would come loose and they haven't yet. I even tried stopping in the places where the first ones failed and they held up just fine.
I would definitely suggest them if your worried about tire theft, or are just paranoid like me. If your local bike shop doesn't have them you can get them here or on Amazon.


  1. Interesting!

    I used to be paranoid about having quick release parts on my bike, but have decided that, around here at least, bits only get taken if you leave the bike for a few days and it looks abandoned. Once someone has decided that it is quickly picked apart until there is just the frame and the lock...

  2. Thank you for following my blog. I always like to know there are other women out there riding for pleasure and completing errands on two wheels.

    I've never heard of locking skewers. Does this differ from the older bolt style of axle?

    1. I've been reading your past entries and they sound fun! I hope to go as far as you one day!

  3. These operate like old style bolting skewers I think. They aren't hard to use at all. So far I really like them.