Monday, August 6, 2012

A Great Trip to the Desert Museum

On Saturday after work my husband and I went to the Desert museum. I love going there and seeing all the animals and displays. I always learn alot whenever we go, and now that they are offering reduced rates on Saturday evenings we are going a lot more.
   This time they were offering education on bats. I love bats so much I even have a tattoo of one on the back of my neck so you know I had to be there. Z wanted to go for the photo class they were offering and that made it a no brainer. Z is a great photographer, and like any great he tries to learn as much as he can anywhere he can. He brought his camera and I brought my magic stick and off we went.
   The photos are from my phone so please excuse the quality.
    The first place we stopped at was the hummingbirds, they move so fast I had trouble getting any good shots. Finally one of them took pity on me and perched on a branch two feet away. Then we wandered around while we waited for our respective classes to start. I love when the cactus is in bloom, and even though we got there a little late in the year there were still some beautiful flowers left for us.
    I learned a lot from Dr. Karen who was teaching the lesson on bats. Did you know that less that .5% of bats have rabies? Your dog or cat is more likely to give it to you than they are. Also one tiny little bat can eat 60 gnats in 30 minutes. That's a lot of bugs. Now I just need to figure out how to make a bat house that the cats in the neighborhood can't get into.
It let me snap several before it got bored and left.

Then we went to the butterfly area and I got really lucky again!

Who says the desert is boring?

Just a couple of the beautiful birds in the aviary. The duck didn't move even when I got close enough to touch. Not that I was going to touch it really, uh huh.

This is Leta, She's the bat ambassador of peace. She's really cute, but I wasn't allowed to pet her. That's the only problem with this place. I can't touch anything.

Here's a few beautiful flowers. I really like the spiral cactus.

Birds of paradise grow wild here. 

A storm that fizzled before its time. 

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