Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Life Moves at an Amazing Pace!

I can't believe that my salon has been open for a full five months. It feels like I just opened. On the one hand I can't believe I've managed to last this long and I thank Goddess every day for hanging in there with me. On the other hand I keep wondering when I'll have people lining up to get their hair done by me. I know it takes at least a year to get going really strong and I haven't even been open half that, but patience has never been my virtue. It's coming though; this is the first week ever I've had at least one person scheduled every day and that feels great!
  On the flip side my writing is coming along so well I love it. I finally have a relatively quiet place with no animals crawling all over to just write for hours and it's a dream come true. If I keep this pace up I'll be down with the first draft by the end of October. Then I can start putting it into the computer and that's always one of my favorite parts.
   I just wish I could slow time down somehow to really savor this time.


  1. Best of luck with your salon. I know it takes a while for word of mouth to spread, but it will and your clientele will grow!

    1. Thanks! All I have to do is keep my head above water and I'll learn to swim! I'm already getting new clients. Have a great day!