Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Been a While! it's Been Wild!

A lot has happened since I last logged on. life has been Wild! It's been over a year and this will be my first post in a new vein. I may even end up changing the name of this blog to something else, although it still fits nicely.
    I can't guarantee that I'll be on here with any true frequency, but I will try to make it interesting for anyone who reads this.
    Keep in mind that this is just my little rant and file place and if it bothers you there are plenty of other things to read/do in this world so move along.
    I am not always politically correct and I do have a tendency to be overly blunt, but i due try not to be rude. Please do the same.
   Enjoy life, because there's no guarantee of tomorrow!

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