Friday, August 10, 2012

Princess Caught a Mouse!!!

The other night I was dozing in my bed when I got to have a new experience. I had the window open to the back room so Princess (the cat in my photo) could come in. My cats don't go outside, but the backroom is the next best thing and they all love it.
   I felt her land on the bed and was slowly rousing when she walked on my chest, normally she just runs for the door to be let into the rest of the house. I opened my eyes and there was a tiny slobbered on mouse! I thought it was dead, but it soon ran at my face. Poor thing was only about 1" long and had to be a baby. Princess pounced and picked up in her mouth. She was chirping the whole time. She's such a proud cat, and this was new for her. She was also very gentle, I don't think she wanted to hurt the little thing. She just stared at me with the tail sticking out of the side of her mouth and I could see it moving.
   I reached over the side of the bed and grabbed the first thing that I could, an old shopping bag that I use for trash. I dumped it and got it around Princess' head. Thankfully she spit out the mouse to yell at me and I let her head go. Now I had a tiny mouse in a plastic sack and a pissed off cat. By some miracle the mouse was still alive, I really don't think she was going to hurt it, but it was soaking wet and terrified.
     I got my clothes on as fast as I could; the last thing I wanted was to kill it in the bag. Princess tried to trip me when I opened the door, she was yelling the whole way to the front door. The mouse was scrambling around trying to get out of the bag. We must have been a sight.
   I went off the porch and opened the bag thinking the mouse would run away. Of course not, it just stayed there looking scared, but there was no way I was taking it to the back room. I shook the bag gently and it just looked at me. After a few minutes of staring I did the mean thing and dumped it out onto the ground. Then It finally ran off. I hope it's safe out there somewhere.
Not the actual mouse, just a look alike I found on Wikipedia. Cute little thing.

   Now I need to find the rest of its family and gently evict them, that's going to be fun. Cute little thing though. I now check all the cats mouths before I let them in from the back room, and there's no more bedroom window for them either.


  1. Princess will be ticked off at you for a few days, I'm sure. Stealing her food like that!

    1. I think she's more mad that she can't sneak into the bedroom anymore. Oh well, now if she would just stop hitting the other cats...

  2. Hard to displease our kitty friends, but must save the baby. good for you

  3. Thanks, wasn't hard just a bit slimy. Cute little thing though.