Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I had the best dream!

Last night I had the greatest dream ever. In it I had the stick I'm saving up for and we went everywhere. I was walking through forests thick with giant trees and fording a stream. Then I was hiking up a rocky desert trail while little lizards ran across in front of me. Next I was in a big city crossing a street filled with people. Then I was in an orchard knocking apples down so I could eat them and the grass was waiving in the field behind me and I could hear the bees. I could walk forever. It made me feel so good. I can't wait to go to sleep again!
 So far I've got $11 saved up. Soon he will be mine and we can go on real adventures together! With the husband sometimes too. ;)


  1. I think that walking stick is calling you . . . CALLING YOU!

  2. I think it's shouting at me but I like it. ;}

  3. You know we will want a photo when that stick finally falls into your hands, don't you?

    1. Ther will definately be a photo when I get it. Lots of them in lots of places. I can't wait!