Sunday, August 26, 2012

When I was Younger...

I wanted to be many things when I was younger. A writer, a police officer, a wrestler, a pastor and so on. There was always something that stopped all those dreams from being to small (wrestler) to not being Christian. All of them but one. I am a writer. I have never been published...yet, but it's what I AM. I spend any downtime at the salon writing or researching. I've also become something of a confessor to my clients. My salon only holds me and the client so they are really opening up. I'm starting to think about going to a seminary school. Now if I can find one that's cheap, online, and nondenominational. I feel that if I'm passing out advice on everything from sex, to cheating (don't), to what to eat for dinner I should get educated.
   When my mom was diagnosed with cancer I got my online minister license so I could speak for her at her funeral, but this is different. I feel the urge to actually help some of these people instead of just smile and nodding at them. I'm doing the best I can, but I want to do more.
   Maybe this was touched off by that video I watched, but learning never hurt.


  1. You know, there's that old saying that this country would be run properly if only the politicians listened to hair stylists and taxi drivers!

  2. It's true. We know all the secrets.

  3. I work as a volunteer with Lifeline - as a crisis counsellor on the phones. Listening is so important. Suspending judgement and listening can make the world of difference. Which is a long-winded way of saying that you are probably making a bigger difference already thant you know.

  4. Thank you for kindly becoming a friend at my Hawaii blog.
    Glad to know you.
    If I may, please allow me to say that I have a degree in Psychology, have worked with adolescents, published research, been invited to speak to psychiatrists more than once - I don't even have a graduate degree. So I know a little something about what people need and how to really serve them. Unfortunately, many ministers, many mental health professionals, do not do the good you probably do by your showing up, being fully present, really listening, really caring. Really being there with them. Sure, learn more, follow your passion to understand. When you are with them, in your heart say: "I love you. God bless us both" they will feel it, they will feel better. But every soul has free will. So people decide to change - or not. You hold the Aloha, the ultimate outcome is not your responsibility.

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
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