Thursday, August 16, 2012

I finished "Blackout" by Mira Grant

I think I read this one the slowest of all three because I didn't want it to end. It had even more twists to the plot than the others and curiosity kept me going even when I was cringing from the words. It even has a zombie bear to keep it interesting.
    I liked the twist of bring in a character from the first book, but some of the story got lost in searching because of it. A lot of the book seemed trapped in character angst, but it worked for the story and there was still enough action to keep me going.
   The end of the story was really action packed with a jarring twist that almost made me cry. The very finally chapter was a bit of a let down though. Every thing was tied up to neatly for my tastes, but at least it got tied up.
    All in all I think it was a very good series and I hope she comes out with more set in that world. I definitely think everyone should check it out.