Friday, August 3, 2012

Feed by Mira Grant is a Great Book!

I just finished the best book I've read in a while. It's "Feed" by Mira Grant, and it is definitely a book to get. Not very many books can have me laughing and crying, but this one does. It was so good I read the 2 novellas she has out in one go right afterward. They also rock.
"Feed" is a story about what happens after the Zombie Apocalypse and follows a group of bloggers around. The group gets the chance of a lifetime and hit the road to make their dreams come true. They run into trouble almost from the start and end up solving a mystery that has life changing results for everyone involved. The moral that I found in it is stay loyal to those who love and believe in you no matter what. Otherwise the results will be tragic.  
It's actually what got me back to blogging after such a long absence. Yes the book is that good. It also made me want to fortify my house and stock up on staples like toilet paper. It's a book that really makes you think about what we are doing here and where we are heading.
   The question is can we really change the future before it's to late? Do we want to?

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