Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Trip to Agua Caliente Park

Yesterday my darling Z took me to his new favorite place to take pictures. I was a little skeptical seeing how it was 108 outside, but I'm game for any new adventure so off we went.
It's a really beautiful park with its own pond and a mini mesquite forest. The information/museum building was closed for the weekend which was too bad. I wanted to learn more about the place.
  There were a ton of butterflies and ducks everywhere I looked. Z even saw a crane. I got a cool picture of some butterflies mating though so that even things out. I really wanted to go poking around off the paths, but Z pointed out the signs and wouldn't let me. next time I'm going when it's cooler and he has a model to keep him busy. I would go by myself, but I fell asleep on the way and have no idea where it is.
    It was to hot to stay long even with the water we were carrying, so we are going back when it's cooler and the buildings are actually open.
It's almost like a tropical paradise!

This turtle ignored us while its friend fled.

Butterflies doing what comes naturally.

Keep out signs are the bane of my existence. 

The pond is one of the largest I've ever seen.

Maybe it's just what I've been reading lately, but CREEPY!

It's too hot for the ducks to run from me? Nope.

I almost made it off the path!


  1. Butterflies "doing what comes naturally" -- you mean you have made and distributed butterfly PORNO?!?

  2. Only in the most tasteful manner. I kept the really dirty ones for myself. ;)